Virgin Hair in Stock

Virgin Brazilian Hair

We have the best hair for the best prices in Atlanta!

Prices per bundle. Bundles are about 3.5 ounces each.

14 inches: $90.00                 24 inches: $140.00

16 inches: $100.00               26 inches: $150.00

18 inches: $110.00                28 inches: $160.00

20 inches: $120.00               30 inches: $170.00

22 inches: $130.00

There are a multitude of different ways that this brazilian hair can be styled.

  • It can withstand being dyed to any color you prefer.
  • It has the ability to hold curls.
  • It can be straightened and return back to its natural curl after being washed.

This hair has never been chemically processed, therefore the hair color will range from brown to natural black. Keep in mind some bundles will have looser waves, while others will have deeper wave patterns. If you have a preference please contact me at your soonest availability and I will try my best to choose bundles that are closest to your preferred style.

Keep in mind that this is 100% human hair, for that reason you should treat this hair as if it were your own. Conditioning your brazilian hair will keep it soft and manageable. This hair can last through numerous installations and the better you take care of the hair, the longer it will last.


2 thoughts on “Virgin Hair in Stock

  1. i was very excited to receive my hair once i purchased it. it looked so beautiful online so i was a little skeptical to whether it would live up to my standards. i got a 16″ 20″ 24″ and 28′ ( 4 bundles) and they were all true to length i got virtually no tangles, shedding etc. There was no odor to the hair and i ended up bleaching it to give it an ombre affect and its still holding up fine. the only thing i’ll say is when bleaching u want to make sure u keep the hair moisturized with natural oils like argon/Moroccan. bleaching does tend to dry hair out, and i found these natural oils to be of great help with the upkeep of this hair … i will definitely buy from her again and i highly recommend this hair to anyone..

  2. I received my hair from Kenya last week. The bundles were the exact lengths I ordered. It was very soft, smelled good, tangle free,and the wave pattern is immaculate. My friends and family will contiue purchasing our hair through her she was very profeesional and on point. Thanks Again

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