Meet the Artist

Yours Truly

I’m Ms.Kenya, makeup artist and future cosmetic dentist. I am currently in my third year of schooling at Clayton State University majoring in Biology with an emphasis on business.

In my spare time I enjoy building my HottPinkMakeup Empire. My present avocation is all about promoting women empowerment. My aspiration is to enlighten women about not only their inner, but outer beauty as well. All women need to know that they are all divine creatures created by God. Beauty is limitless and it comes in all forms, it is vital that every woman feels stunning. I believe that anybody can be glamourous if they feel beautiful, and the secret is as simple as that!

I’m a brooklyn native and have lived in atlanta for a little over a decade. Through creative loafing and a couple of friends, I have had a chance to explore atlanta. I never thought I would say this but, I’ve actually grown to love the city of atlanta!

My love for makeup was passed down from my lovely mother because she too, is a self proclaimed makeup junkie. I’ve had the honor of being apprentice to the “best of the best”, one being six time Emmy award winning makeup artist Nyssa Green.

I take pride in being very professional and  a sanitary makeup artist. I have been known for my eclectic style as well as my innovative ideas and my grave attention to detail. My experience includes years of prom makeup for local schools, fashion shows including one with Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology, photo shoots, calendars, head shots, weddings, events, and everyday makeup for clientele at my makeup bar. The “Flawless Face” is my signature because I know how to captivate my clientele through timeless beauty and grace. I am very versatile in my range of abilities; therefore I find it effortless to create a custom look that every client will absolutely love!!! As a makeup artist, I understand the face and I am creative in manipulating it as my canvas. I am able to adapt my makeup to any client’s concept by refocusing and revising my application depending on their vision. I have been told that my cheery manor is quite delightful and down right lovable and I work well with others. I can be contacted at (404)590-6501 or at



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